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Check the sports bag of some of the world’s finest athletes and you may find a SoLo Bar. For the nutritional benefits, great taste and power to succeed – SoLo is the choice of champions. Elite athletes from various disciplines have chosen SoLo to help them push their limits and excel to the podium.
Not just for the best in the world SoLo has also propelled the recreational champions to new heights with its nutritional benefits. Enjoy the great tasting, low glycemic energy bar and be SoLo Powered!
Get to know the Solo Powered athletes:
Larsen Jensen - Swimmer, Olympics Triathlon
Annett Kamenz - Triathlete, Marathon
Chuck Kobasew - Hockey Player, Boston Bruins
Adrian Lambert - Mountain Runner
Megan Metcalfe - Distance Runner
Keith MacCullough - Paraglider
Nathaniel Miller - Water Polo Team
Josh Simpson - Cross Country, Marathon
Rebecca Stallwood - Cross Country
Paul Tichelaar - Triathlete
Brian Torrance - Marathon Runner
Mark Vollmer - Mountain Runner
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