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SoLo was designed to provide long-lasting fuel during physical pursuits, while also enhancing the nutritional status of the body - to prolong and delay the onset of fatigue, and encourage cell recovery following exercise. As such, SoLo appeals to a wide range of individuals; across a broad scope of sporting activities.
SoLo൮ique design delivers energy slowly as your working muscles need it, sparing previous energy reserves. So whether you are an endurance athlete who competes in triathlons, or a point guard for your local menࢡsketball league; SoLo can help you maximize your performance by maintaining your energy levels to keep you going when you need it most!
Please browse through each section of 頓ports�?specific information on your sport of passion and learn how to incorporate SoLo into your training and event schedule - to gain an added edge! You will find a wide range of useful and current information on each particular sport, including the following:
  • SoLo Powered success stories
  • Recommended web links
  • Q&A
  • Current stories in the news
As always, we welcome your feedback and recommendations for new sports or ideas to add to our growing list of SoLo Powered activities! We would also love to hear your SoLo Powered success story (with photos) by telling us how SoLo has helped you reach personal excellence in your sport. Please email us at info@solo-gi.com.
See you on the trials, at courtside and in the pool!
Websites of interest
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SoLo MySports Pages:
Endurance (Running and Triathlon)
Yoga & Fitness
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