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Adrian is a world mountain racer and current Canadian Champion. Adrian is a Law student at the University of Toronto and competes in the Canadian Interuniversity Sport when not Mountain Racing.
"I am writing to thank SoLo for its support of my recent accomplishments at the 2008 World Mountain Running Trophy.
Throughout the grueling season I relied on SoLo to give me the fuel to train and the essential vitamins and minerals for my recovery. SoLo extends my workouts and allows me to give it everything I have at the end of a race".
Birthdate? February 23, 1985
Hometown? Edmonton, AB, Canada
Coffee or tea? Tea
Car you Drive? None.
Favorite workout?
Long intervals in the mountains. One of my favourite workouts is to do a tempo run from Banff to Canmore in the Canadian Rockies. The trail is a 19km dirt trail through the mountains with a substantial elevation gain. It's very challenging, but also an exhilarating run.
One Dream You have?
To finish in the top 5 at the World Mountain Running Trophy.
Who are your hero (es)?
Brian Stewart. He was a competitive runner, a medical student, an all around nice guy and someone who always made the most out of life. He demonstrated that with a strong work ethic and a positive attitude, anything was possible.
Best race?
My best race was the 2007 World Mountain Running Trophy in Ovronnaz, Switzerland where I finished 21st. I found out later that was the best result ever by a Canadian in the men's race. I was very relaxed during the race and I found the course to be an exciting challenge. The fact that I enjoyed the race so much was a major reason why I ran well.
Best thing about being an athlete?
The community of sport. Running is a welcoming community and I have been lucky to have made friends across Canada through running. Having friends to challenge one another can make even the most difficult workouts enjoyable.
Stubbornness. I am a stubborn runner, and that means I sometimes wear myself out. Training harder is not necessarily training smarter.
Favorite book? Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevski
Favorite movie? There Will Be Blood.
Favorite SoLo Flavor? Mint Mania.
How do Solo bars impact your training and performance?
SoLo bars have taken me to the next level. The energy that SoLo gives me in the second half of races is one of the reasons that I can dig deep and achieve my best efforts. As an international runner the daily grind is difficult to withstand, but the incredible tasting SoLo is my fuel for excellence.
Any words of wisdom?
Whatever you choose to do, be it athletically, academically, or professionally, challenge yourself to do your very best. With hard work and patience, you might surprise yourself by how well you do!
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