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Josh finished in 6th in both the 2006 U.S. 10 Mile Championships, and 2008 U.S. Half Marathon Championships.
He followed that up with an impressive 14th place finish at the U.S. Cross Country Championships.
Currently Josh is training with a group of elite post collegiate runners in Morgantown, WV aiming for the Olympic Trials in the 10k.
Birthdate? March 17, 1984
Hometown? Morgantown, WV
Coffee or tea? Coffee
Car you Drive? Volkswagen Jetta
Favorite workout? Longer tempo's on the road
One Dream You have? USA Olympic team
Who are your hero (es)? Ryan Hall and my family
Best race? 2nd place, NACAC XC champs
Best thing about being an athlete?
Having something special in your life to strive for. More than just trying to get a good job and work 9-5. I have the best job/life in the world.
Weakness? Video games
Favorite book? Harry Potter series
Favorite movie? Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
Favorite SoLo Flavor? Berry Bliss as of right now.
How do Solo bars impact your training and performance?
"In my training it is very important to replenish my body with good food and nutrition after hard workouts to get the most out of my body and SoLo lets me do just that. And this year I have had the pleasure teaming up with SoLo Bar. Like I said before, I like to replenish my body after hard workout sessions and SoLo bar lets me do just that. After a hard workout I like to take in some liquid form of protein, followed shortly by a bar with great nutrition and protein that will slowly go through my system and give me long-lasting energy, and that's where SoLo bars come into play with my training.
I eat about 3 a week to re-energize and I feel they are a key part in helping my body recover on hard days. One of the benefits, I find of SoLo Bars is that they taste great, as well as giving me great nutrition.
I've had the pleasure of trying all of the flavors and I'd have to say that Mint Mania is my favorite, although I love them all. I'm glad that I have a product like SoLo bar in my corner as I train for the most important race of my life".
Any words of wisdom?
Strive for your best. If you work hard, and dream big, anything is possible.
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