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Keith is currently the #1 Ranked Paragliding Competitor in Canada and also currently holds the title of National Champion from 2007.
He lives in Calgary where he works as the Senior Paragliding Instructor for the largest Paragliding school in Canada. He started Paragliding at the ripe age of 15 and has been competing internationally for the last 6 years.
"Upon returning from the 2008 Canadian Paragliding Nationals in Chelan Washington, I managed with the help of SoLo to bring home for my 2nd year in a row the National Championship.
I also this summer managed to place 10th in a Pre- World Cup which is an International competition with 85 of the best competitors. So thank you once again for all the support SoLo continues to give me on my journey of becoming a World Champion".
Favorite Workout?
A great hike in the mountains never hurts too much
Birthdate? Aug 20/1977
Hometown? Calgary, Alberta
Coffee or tea? Coffee
Car you Drive? GO KART
One Dream You Have? Set a world distance record
Who Are Your Hero (es)?
Anyone who pushes their limits to the fullest
Best race?
Any race where I am up at cloud-base chasing friends
Best thing about being an athlete?
The great people I meet around the world
I hate boredom
Favorite book?
Into The Wild
Favorite movie?
Favorite SoLo Flavor?
Berry Bliss
How do Solo bars impact your training and performance?
SoLo bars sustain my energy levels for physical endurance and mental concentration, enabling me to achieve my personal best performances, without having to deal with the energy spikes and crashes I have experienced with other bars.
The SoLo bars remained moist and very delicious which made them much easier to eat, quickly allowing me to stay focused on the task at hand, which was controlling my paraglider against the best competitors in the world. Thanks SoLo, I will continue to use your products in my chase to be the Best Paraglider Pilot in the World. Keep up the good work!
Any words of wisdom?
Never Eat Yellow Snow
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