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Whether you are a seasoned veteran, or regaining your endurance after taking a hiatus, the benefits of endurance sports are endless.
Aside from the obvious physical benefits, you can also look forward to more restful sleep, lower resting heart rate (cardiovascular benefits), optimized weight control, and a brighter outlook on life.
There is also a large social component within the endurance sport world as people tend to “eat, live and breathe” their sport of choice. Just go out and join a community group run or event and you will see the camaraderie and sense of “community” among the participants and volunteers.
There are people of all shapes, sizes and abilities, but the boundaries are seamless - we all want to reap the benefits and for others to experience them too!

SoLo powered athlete, Megan Metcalfe

Words cannot explain how elated you feel after a long training run/ride, or at the end of a competition. This is one of the positive psychological benefits of endurance sports and whether you run, swim, bike or do triathlons, this is arguably the one that keeps us enthralled in our sport and coming back for more. To do so, you need to keep your energy at a consistent level to allow you to continue training and competing and this should be fueled by a well balanced diet with plenty of variety.
To fuel your workouts, training sessions and competitive events, SoLo bars are the answer for endurance athletes in maintaining blood glucose concentrations and not overtaxing the digestive system. SoLo is in for the long haul and will keep energy levels consistent over the grind of endurance training and competition. The balanced nutrition, great taste and convenient size makes SoLo perfect to eat before a run or training ride, but also great for replenishing glycogen stores afterward. See below for more specific usage instructions.
Usage Instructions:
To give you a steady stream of energy (without abdominal discomfort), enjoy 1-2 SoLo bars 30 to 60 minutes prior to your run, ride or swim. SoLo can also be enjoyed during a particularly long training ride or event to keep your energy and blood sugar levels on a consistent level.
SoLo is also great for replenishing glycogen stores after a hard training session or race, with each bar containing 23-26 grams of quality carbohydrates. As well, recent research has shown that combining protein with your post-exercise snack may help the absorption of carbohydrates and may also aid in protein synthesis and muscle-tissue repair. As such, with SoLo having 11-13 grams of protein, it can provide the ultimate recovery food.
Final tip: Remember to consume 200-400mL of water with each SoLo bar(s) to ensure proper digestion and nutrient absorption.
Look Who’s SoLo Powered
Top Endurance Athletes Choose SoLo
Some of the best runners and endurance athletes in the world have recently switched to SoLo for the great taste and the bar’s ability to provide the body sustained and long-term energy.
Megan Metcalfe
Olympic Level Female Distance Runner.
“I love SoLo bars because it is a small, easy snack that gives me lasting energy without the spike and crash that some high sugar bars have.
I keep a few bars in my desk at work, car and in my track bag so that I can have a healthy pick-me-up when I need it or to have right after a workout.” Megan Metcalfe.
Visit Megan’s Official Website and follow her quest for the Beijing Olympics
Megan's favorite SoLo flavors: Mint and Chocolate
Paul Tichelaar
Triathlete: Ranked 5th in the world, 2nd in Canada.
“In the sport of triathlon it is vital to have sustained energy throughout the race. Triathlon racing is all about working at a level of near exhaustion and holding it for just under two hours of competition.
SoLo bars have allowed me to find the necessary fuel at the end of races to give me a boost on the run. As an athlete dreaming of the Olympics in an Olympic year, there are no second chances.
I need to know that I will be able to perform when needed; eating SoLo bars gives me that confidence and energy late in a race. Thanks SoLo.” Paul Tichelaar.
Visit Paul Tichelaar’s Triathlon Blog to follow his quest for the Beijing Olympics
Paul's favorite SoLo flavor: Chocolate Charger
Annett Kamenz
Worldwide Ironman Competitor
Annett was the 4th overall female in the 2007 Seattle Marathon and hopes to achieve a podium finish at the Canada Ironman Championships in August of this year.
"My favorite this about being an athlete is being in shape, and feeling healthy; followed closely by meeting a lot of like-minded, interesting people and getting to see exciting places.
My dream right now is to make the podium at an Ironman race (full or 70.3) in the pro-division. Once I’ve fulfilled this dream, I pick another!" Annett Kamenz
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than be the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Favorite quote, from Mark Twain
Annett's favorite SoLo flavor: Peanut Power
Adrian Lambert
World Mountain Racer
Adrian is a world mountain racer and current Canadian Champion. Adrian is a Law student at the University of Toronto and competes in the Canadian Interuniversity Sport when not Mountain Racing.
Long intervals in the mountains. One of my favourite workouts is to do a tempo run from Banff to Canmore in
the Canadian Rockies. The trail is a 19km dirt trail through the mountains with a substantial elevation gain. It's very challenging, but also an exhilarating run.
Running is a welcoming community and I have been luckily to have made friends across Canada through running. Having friends to challenge one another can make even the most difficult workouts enjoyable.
Whatever you choose do, be it athletically, academically, or professionally, challenge yourself to do your very best. With hard work and patience, you might surprise yourself by how well you do!
Adrian's favorite SoLo flavor: Mint Mania
Josh Simpson
Distance Runner
Josh finished in 6th in both the 2006 U.S. 10 Mile Championships, and 2008 U.S. Half Marathon Championships.
He followed that up with an impressive 14th place finish at the U.S. Cross Country Championships.
Currently Josh is training with a group of elite post collegiate runners in Morgantown, WV aiming for the Olympic Trials in the 10k.
Having something special in your life to strive for.
"More than just trying to get a good job and work 9-5. I have the best job/life in the
world. Strive for your best. If you work hard, and dream big, anything is possible." Josh Simpson
Josh's favorite SoLo flavor: Berry Bliss
Rebecca Stallwood
Distance and Cross Country Runner
Rebecca is currently gearing towards making the Beijing Olympics.
Her accomplishments in distance running range from the track to the demanding courses of cross country running.
She has twice represented her home country of Canada at the World Championships, finishing 32nd in 2004.
She currently trains in Morgantown where she had a stellar NCAA career at West Virginia University.
"My favorite thing about being an athlete is the feeling after you know that you ran as hard as you could in a race or workout." Rebecca Stallwood
Rebecca's favorite SoLo bar: Berry Bliss
Mark Vollmer
World Mountain Racer
Mark represented his country at the World Mountain Racing Championships in Austria last September.
He is a multiple Canadian Interuniversity Champion and currently trains and works in Guelph, Ontario.
"For me, the best part of being an athlete is meeting people from all walks of life and getting to see cities/towns/spots while competing." Mark Vollmer
Mark's favorite SoLo flavor: They are all delicious in there own unique way
Are you a SoLo Powered runner, cyclist or triathlete?
We would love to learn how SoLo is giving you an edge. Please send your story along with photos of yourself to info@solo-gi.com and you may be selected as one of our featured SoLo Powered athletes. We also welcome feedback in any fashion related to your sport; so send us your favorite links, books or relevant information.
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