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"Thanks SoLo for giving me the energy to succeed. I recently finished the Elite National Triathlon Championship in Kelowna in sixth place. I am a runner that is new to the sport of triathlon and the extended duration of the event has made me look carefully at my nutrition.  I have tried many energy bars and they are either too tough to get down or taste horrible.  SoLo bars were introduced to me last fall and I have not looked back. 

Since having my first child last year I have come back and had the opportunity to represent my country at the World Cross Country Championships.  Following that I was the top Canadian at the Vancouver Sun Run. Thanks SoLo.  I am excited about the sustained energy that SoLo bars provide and I feel energized each and every workout and race".

Chantell Widney, Triathlete


“I love SoLo bars because it is a small, easy snack that gives me lasting energy without the spike and crash that some high sugar bars have.

I keep a few bars in my desk at work, car and in my track bag so that I can have a healthy pick me up when I need it or to have right after a workout.”

Megan Metcalfe, Distance Runner
Canadian Record holder (3km event)
Pan Am Games Gold Medalist
NCAA Champion
“Heading into this year’s Nationals it was the first time in a number of years that the four best National Triathletes were on the line competing against each other. I love racing and training in Kelowna as the people are very supportive of triathlon and the city is absolutely beautiful. My training leading into the race was consistent and I was ready to take on the country's best."
"My support from SoLo is most appreciated. In the previous few years my stomach has been sensitive to foods during training and competition but Solo bars have solved that problem. SoLo bars with no sugar alcohols puts my mind at ease that my stomach will feel great when I am competing at a high intensity. I only need to eat a bar about a half an hour before the race and my energy is sustained throughout the race. SoLo bars being a low glycemic bar is vital to my race plan as there is no time to grab anything to eat. My finish this year was third, room for improvement but I am proud of my result. Thanks SoLo for the support.”
Paul Tichelaar, Triathlete
18th ITU world ranking
2007 Canadian Champion
Solo bars are delicious, which is a rare treat in the energy/protein bar industry. I really enjoy their various flavors. As an endurance athlete one is concerned with sustainable energy rather than the nightmarish bonking sagas, so the fact that solo bars are included as a low GI supplement is fantastic. Likewise you have to respect the portion size, not too much and definitely not too little."
Mark Vollmer, Mountain Racer
2nd ranked Canadian
“The SoLo Bars have given our team an advantage. Our players eat them before games and at halftime to give them the sustained energy for four quarters of professional basketball. The beneficial ingredients provide the players optimal health in training and recovery and the sustained energy provides them the ability to perform in the later stages of the game. Not to mention they taste great. The Berry Bliss has been a team favorite…..keep them coming”.
Joe Rogowski, Orlando Magic
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Orlando Magic
“I used to crash into dizziness in the most inopportune moments. Whenever I hadn’t eaten within the last hour, it could happen anytime, anywhere without any warning: dizziness, the same kind of dizziness that I used to experience as “morning sickness“ during my pregnancies. It could happen while driving, while going for a walk, while playing with my children. In sports, it would totally frustrate my training efforts for badminton, not to speak of tournaments, where I was forced to quit right in the middle of a match."
"My doctor correctly diagnosed these crashes as the symptoms of hypoglycemia. Endless experiments with diets and food sequences achieved some relief but fell far short of preserving normal levels of performance.
When a friend recommended Solo to me, I looked at it initially as just one more fruit bar. But then, to my complete surprise, Solo bars turned things around for me. With a solo bar between meals, and one 20 minutes before training or a badminton match, I can be confident that I will be running on full energy levels for the next 2 to 2 ˝ hours. This product has made a great difference in my day to day life”.
Soledad Peschke
Recreational Athlete
“Just thought I would drop you a quick line to thank the Solo GI team for another great result. I just returned home from competing in the week long Canadian Paragliding Nationals. I managed with the help of a great energy source (Solo Bars) to bring home the title of 2007 Canadian National Paragliding Champion. So if you could pass this on to the rest of team to hopefully encourage them into making more great products for athletes like me”.
Keith MacCullough
Canadian Paragliding Champion
“SoLo bars have taken me to the next level. The energy that SoLo gives me in the second half of races is one of the reasons that I can dig deep and achieve my best efforts. As an international runner and full time law student the daily grind is at times difficult to withstand but the incredible tasting SoLo is my fuel for excellence."
Adrian Lambert
Canadian Mountain Racing Champion
World Mountain Racing Competitor
Member of National Cross Country Team
“SoLo made the 2008 Kelowna Marathon a great success. The marathon is a quiet monster that can sneak up on you and impair your performance in the later stages if your nutrition is not taken care of. Gels and high sugar snacks on the race course are dangerous. Marathon runners are efficient athletes and their bodies will react to a surge of sugar very quickly. In response to the sugar the body will release insulin to get the sugar into their muscles for energy but danger looms as the body eventually responds with too great a response of insulin and the body crashes. Marathons are tough enough already, a nutritional mistake can cost you precious seconds and even minutes off your time. SoLo provides a slow release of sugar and carbohydrates that allows energy to be sustained until you hit the finishing tape. Winning the Kelowna Marathon was a great thrill. Thanks Solo, my energy would not of been the same without you."
Brian Torrance
2008 BMO Kelowna International Champion
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