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The term “Water Sports” is very broad and can be meant to cover quite a variety of activities as there are many sports that take place in the water.
Actually, to be technically correct - while swimming takes place in the water, most common water sports take place on the water. These include surfing, kayaking and wind surfing, just to name a few. Either
way, your mother always told you not to eat too soon before going into the water and the saying still applies!
Swimming and water sports are physically demanding activities and require a lot of energy from the body to execute. Therefore, it is important to eat well in advance of beginning your workout.
Otherwise, you may experience unpleasant side-effects as your body continues to expend energy digesting the food from your previous meal.
To avoid this from happening, and to provide lasting energy without abdominal discomfort (common with swimming and water sports), SoLo can be easily incorporated into your swim routine or water sports activity. See below for usage instructions for each.
Swimming, as a sport, usually encompasses endurance training either solely for the fitness aspect, or many swimmers will take it to the next level where they participate in competition. Either way, swimming for fitness is said to be one of the best all around exercises.
It’s hard to beat swimming when it comes to a sport that strengthens the body, soothes the mind, regulates breathing, stimulates circulation and puts no stress on the joints - all in one. Unlike running or weight training, which concentrate on specific muscle groups, swimming benefits the upper body, torso and legs together and is one of the fastest ways to improve general strength, stamina and cardiovascular fitness.
According to the American Heart Association, just 30-60 minutes of physical activity, 3-4 days per week can help reduce your risk for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. As a regular physical activity, swimming can also help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol. Swimming is an exercise that can be enjoyed at all ages. Get fit, SWIM!
Swimming Benefits:
  • Cardiovascular fitness and endurance
  • All over body workout – almost all of your muscles are used during swimming
  • Flexibility – the reaching motion in swimming will help improve flexibility in your joints
  • Low impact exercise - because you are floating, swimming is less demanding on your joints than other sports like running
  • Increases circulation - due to the water pressure against the legs and arms
  • Burns calories at a rate on par with running and cycling
Usage Instructions:
For more intense workouts, enjoy 1 SoLo bar 60 minutes prior to your swimming or water sports workout, with less-demanding workouts 30-60 minutes in advance. If more calories are required, you can experiment with eating 1 to 2 bars prior to your swimming or water sports session. Your body will tell you how much is enough; the key is to feel the energy but not be weighed down with a full feeling in your stomach. For best results remember to consume 200-400mL of water with each SoLo bar(s).
Water Sports such as surfing, kayaking and wind surfing are individual sports where you are often challenged with Mother Nature’s gifts such as waves, rapids, wind and rain. In addition to the technical skill required, you must also have strength, agility and mental toughness to be successful in your water sport of choice.
Also, being that many water sports involve a great deal of concentration and require a high energy output to carry out each activity, you will want to make sure your fueling plan does not overtax your digestive system. As with swimming, it is important to eat enough to fuel your activity but not leave you feeling sluggish or full when you begin. As such, the same recommended usage instructions can be utilized for water sports as for swimming (see above).
Look Who’s SoLo Powered
“I jump into the water and fight the chill, the kicking legs, the over exuberance of competitors, and the resistance of the ocean.
I rely on my countless mornings training at the pool and the belief that I have done everything possible to succeed.
My nutrition success is having a SoLo bar before I dive in.” Paul Tichelaar, Triathlete, Ranked 5th in the World, 2nd in Canada.
Visit Paul Tichelaar’s Triathlon Blog to follow his quest for the Beijing Olympics (http://ptichelaar.blogspot.com)
Are you a SoLo Powered swimmer or water sports enthusiast?
We would love to learn how SoLo is giving you an edge. Please send your story along with photos of yourself to info@solo-gi.com and you may be selected as one of our featured SoLo Powered athletes.
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