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Individual and team sports each offer their own advantages to our personal health and well being. Many prefer to go it alone � to try to beat the clock, go the distance or set a personal record. Many of us are drawn to personal challenges more than team efforts.
However, if we habitually limit ourselves to individual sports and leisure activities, we may be missing out on some great payoffs. Team
sports can not only offer the same exercise benefits as individual sports, but they have other value-added benefits as well.
In addition to the obvious socialization that team sports nurture, they raise people to a new level of fitness and performance. They develop positive attitudes and instill values that contribute to a person�s overall satisfaction and success in life. Our personal values have a direct effect on the lifestyle we lead and have been shaped to a large extent by the interaction we have with others. The sports that we choose reflect those values and traits.
Team sports have the ability to bring out the best in us. Even if your sport is individual in nature, being a member of a team can only improve your performance through the benefits of cross-training. There are also social and character benefits incurred from being on a team; a sense of belonging, community involvement, less focus on self, and an increased openness to learning. These character traits also translate directly to the working world. For example, leadership is important in the working world because achieving big things - beyond what you can do alone - requires you to get people to work together towards a common goal.
The sports view of regular training and learning new skills to be a more effective player for the team directly carries over to the working world, since you need to constantly develop your skills as a worker to improve how you contribute to your work team.
Ever thought of helping your team by sharing nutrition and training tips? This is precisely how SoLo became the BAR OF CHOICE among elite and professional athletes, where it all started in the team locker room of the Orlando Magic Basketball Team. The team�s Strength and Conditioning Trainer, Joe Rogowski, caught wind of SoLo�s ability to provide long-term and controlled energy, and after trying the bars and feeling the benefits for himself (not to mention the great taste and quality nutrition), he quickly brought them to his players to eat before practices and games and during half-time to keep them going when they needed it most. The rest, as they say, is history - as the list of professional sports teams and elite athletes using the bars continues to grow. Click here to see the full list.
Usage Instructions:
To give your team a steady stream of energy during practices, training sessions and competition; we recommend enjoying 1 to 2 SoLo bars 30 to 60 minutes prior to workouts and/or competition. To replenish and refuel, an additional SoLo bar can be eaten at half time or part way through your training session to keep you going when the team needs you most. Remember to consume 200-400mL of water with each SoLo bar to ensure proper digestion and nutrient absorption.
Look Who�s SoLo Powered
�The SoLo Bars have given our team an advantage. We eat them before games and at halftime to give us the sustained energy for four quarters of NBA basketball. I love the beneficial ingredients that provide me optimal health in training and recovery, and I love the energy it gives me when its crunch time at the end of the game. Not to mention they taste great. The Berry Bliss has been a team favorite�keep them coming�.
Joe Rogowski, Strength and Conditioning Trainer, Orlando Magic
Visit the official site of the Orlando Magic for more information on the players, stats, schedules, and more!

To see the complete list of SoLo Powered teams, please click here.
Are you a SoLo Powered team player, conditioning trainer or coach?
We would love to learn how SoLo is giving your team an edge. Please send your story along with photos of your team to info@solo-gi.com and you may be selected as one of our featured SoLo Powered teams. We also welcome feedback in any fashion related to your team sport; so send us your favorite links, books or relevant information.
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