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Mark represented his country at the World Mountain Racing Championships in Austria last September.
He is a multiple Canadian Interuniversity Champion and currently trains and works in Guelph, Ontario.
"Just returned from the 2008 World Mountain Running Trophy and I would like to thank SoLo for their nutritional assistance. The Mountain Championships challenges your body and your spirit through 12km of distance and a climb in elevation of 1000m. SoLo has provided me the low glycemic balance that I need to achieve my goals. Thanks SoLo."
Birthdate? November 28, 1980
Hometown? born: Hamilton, ON
home: Guelph, ON/Edmonton, AB
Coffee or tea? Neither, I don't do hot drinks
Car you Drive? Honda CRV (aka hwy 2 shuttle)
Favorite workout? long tempo
One Dream You have? Unfortunately I can never remember
Who are your hero (es)?
I never really aspired to be like anyone else. With that said, Jason Dunkerley (multiple time para-olympian) is a person who continues to amaze me
Best race? Around the Bay 30km-2006
Best thing about being an athlete?
Meeting people from all walks of life and getting to see cities/towns/spots while competing
Weakness? Stomach
Favorite book?
Bill Bryson books I find to be comical reads; but the latest I've enjoyed is "A Spot of Bother" by Mark Haddon
Favorite movie? Too many; I am a sucker for flicks
Favorite SoLo Flavor? They are all delicious in there own unique way
How do Solo bars impact your training and performance?
SoLo bars are delicious, which is a rare treat in the energy/protein bar industry. I really enjoy their various flavors. As an endurance athlete one is concerned with sustainable energy rather than the nightmarish bonking sagas, so the fact that SoLo bars are included as a low GI supplement is fantastic. Likewise, you have to respect the portion size, not too much and definitely not too little. Thanks for your support SoLo.
Any words of wisdom? keep on keepin' on
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