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Winter sports challenge us in different ways - the thrill of snowboarding, the precision of downhill, and the aerobic challenge of cross country skiing.
Snowboarding and downhill allow us the freedom to choose between high speed adrenaline rushes, complex tricks, or taking a simple relaxing descent.
Cross country skiing is seen as less extreme and taxing, but it offers so much in its own right as you can push your own personal boundaries and limits to make it your own. Either way, there are many commonalities that draw us to the outdoor sports of winter.
  • The scenic views are breathtaking as you glide across the beautiful terrain
  • There are many different kinds of terrains to master - from well groomed ski slopes, to fresh powder and backcountry wilderness
  • The diversity and availability of beautiful places to ski across the world are endless
  • The feel of the open space and fresh air is adrenaline-rushing, and therapeutic at the same time
  • Skiing of all forms offer a community where millions of fellow enthusiasts share your passion to the sport
  • The physical benefits speak for themselves!
As winter sports enthusiasts, we know how important it is to have the proper gear - not only the skis and equipment, but also the clothing that keeps us warm; it should be breathable and also allow for ease of movement.
Another important element to consider is the nutrition you put into your body and take along for the ride.
Your skiing experience weighs heavily on what you eat to fuel your activity and eating foods that provide sustainable energy will allow you to get the most out of your ski outing or boarding experience.
SoLo bars offer the perfect nutritional solution as they provide long-term and lasting energy (while being easy on the digestive system), for when you are working hard on the slopes. They taste great and the portion size and packaging design also make them convenient to throw in your pack for when you need to replenish on the hill, slopes or backcountry trails. Refueling with SoLo will allow you to go back out and push your sport to a whole new level!
Usage Instructions:
To give you a steady stream of energy while hitting the slopes or trails, enjoy 1-2 SoLo bars 30 to 60 minutes prior to your activity. Also take extra SoLo bars along to refuel and replenish - your body will thank you for the good nutrition after a hard day on the slopes and you will be ready for more!
SoLo is also perfect as a great-tasting recovery snack; with each bar containing 23-26 grams of quality carbohydrates. Recent research has also shown that combining protein with your post-exercise snack may help the absorption of carbohydrates and may also aid in protein synthesis and muscle-tissue repair. As such, with SoLo having 11-13 grams of protein, it can provide the ultimate recovery food.
Final tip: Remember to consume 200-400mL of water with each SoLo bar(s) to ensure proper digestion and nutrient absorption.
Look Who’s SoLo Powered
Are You a SoLo Powered Skier or Boarder?
We would love to learn how SoLo is giving you an edge! Please send your story along with photos of yourself to info@solo-gi.com and you may be selected as one of our featured SoLo Powered athletes. We also welcome feedback in any fashion related to your sport; so send us your favorite links, books or relevant information.
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