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Canadian Olympic Trials, July 4, 2008
SoLo has added another elite athlete to its Olympic roster with Track athlete Megan Metcalfe joining the Canadian Olympic Team after the Canadian Track and Field Championships on July 4th. 
"Wow, itís all over. The Olympics brought together the best in the world, and rubbing elbows with them in the Women's 5km was an unbelievable experience. Thanks SoLo, for recharging my battery on the training days that felt like they would never end. Besides tasting great, Solo is easy to digest and I can't wait to have SoLo in my corner as I start my journey toward the next Olympics in London 2012".
Earlier in the competition Megan cruised to victory in the Womenís 5000m event, winning her fourth straight national title. This, combined with her accumulation of successes leading up to the event, allowed Megan to secure her position on the Olympic team, representing Canada in the 5000m event in Beijing.
All-Natural SoLo Bars are the fuel of choice for Megan Metcalfe and have positively contributed to her recent achievements, paving the road to her position on the Canadian Olympic Team.
SoLo provides a nutritious addition to Meganís high performance diet and the lasting energy, great taste, and wholesome ingredients are the reasons why Megan and other SoLo Powered athletes love the bars. For more on this story, click here.
The road to the Olympics has been a long one for Megan. While attending West Virginia University for Undergrad and Graduate studies her NCAA career was up and down due to Achilles setbacks and the rigors of full time studies - but the focus on a long term plan always remained consistent. In 2005, during Meganís final year of collegiate eligibility, she out-kicked two Stanford competitors to win the NCAA championship.
In 2007, she won the Pan Am Games and started to break some long-standing national records. In early 2008, Megan was the only competitor from North America to make the World Indoor Championship final, eventually finishing 12th but at the same time building confidence for her Olympic push. This summer the drive to be an Olympian took Megan to Europe, the United States and her home country of Canada; in search of achieving the high national standards required to make the Olympic team. SoLo prides Megan on her incredible will and desire to achieve the ultimate goal of representing her country at the Olympics.
ďLong distance running is a tireless journey with very few shortcuts. You improve year after year through taking care of yourself and having a true love of your sport. I have had one goal and one wish for longer than I can remember and I am now seeing it come true. On August 19th I will line up for the womenís 5km event with the best in the world at the 2008 Olympic Games. My nutrition has been a key part of my success. SoLo energy bars have been track-side with me this past year and have been great for before and after my training. Aside from the great taste, the bars give me a boost of energy on long runs when my body naturally wants to slow down. SoLo will be making the trip with me to the Olympics.Ē, said Megan Metcalfe who will be representing Canada in the 5000 meter run at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
Megan Metcalfe is the 2007 Pan American Champion, 2005 NCAA Champion, 3 X Canadian Senior National Champion (5000m), 9 X NCAA All-American, Canadian Indoor Record Holder (3000m) and SoLo Powered Athlete.
Megan trains and lives in West Virginia where she works as a physiotherapist.
Birthdate? Jan 27, 1982
Hometown? Edmonton Alberta
Coffee or tea? Both!
Car you Drive? Honda Civic
Favorite workout?
Hmm. Anything intense, my favorite is probably 800m repeats. I also enjoy long easy runs, time trials, ladders...
One Dream You have? Represent Canada in the Olympics.
Who are your hero (es)?
There are so many! Canadian runner Lynn Williams, my parents and many more.
Best race?
Probably last weekend, the heats at the World Indoor Champs over 3000m. I felt awesome, I just wish I aced the final too!
Best thing about being an athlete?
So many great things. The fact that training is my 'job' (sleeping too!). Getting to race around the world against the best in the world. Being free to chase your dreams.
There are quite a few, but my number one would be that I tend to think that more is better, no matter what it is! It is hard to be smart and back down on workouts or miles when needed or to cut back on eating when tapering. I am good at doing a little extra of things but holding back is definitely a weakness.
Favorite book?
Recently I would have to say the Kite Runner, but overall I would say Pride and Prejudice. I am a huge Jane Austen fan and have read the book a bunch on times.
Favorite movie?
I can't say that I have a favorite. I love to watch sad movies, and I usually cry during them...
Favorite SoLo Flavor? Lemon Lift and Mint Mania.
How do Solo bars impact your training and performance?
I love SoLo bars because it is a small, easy snack that gives me lasting energy without the spike and crash that some high sugar bars have. I keep a few bars in my desk at work, car and in my track bag so that I can have a healthy pick-me-up when I need it or to have right after a workout.
Any words of wisdom?
Love it, all of it. There are so many ups and downs in sport and life and you really have to love all of the good times as well as the down times to make it at any level.
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