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Solo GI Nutrition Inc. is committed to developing great tasting low glycemic products that offer superior food choices to make it easy for consumers to achieve personal goals in physical pursuits and healthy living without sacrificing eating pleasure.

Low glycemic nutrition (GI) is known to provide lasting and sustained energy, which is paramount for pro athletes, weekend warriors and sports enthusiasts in general.
SoLo Bars are scientifically formulated to provide sustained energy through SoLo�s �Controlled Glycemic Response�?technology. SoLo bars are clinically validated low glycemic (23-29) to provide a reliable glycemic response, for competitive edge each time a SoLo bar is consumed. SoLo bars have been developed over a ten year period - applying patent pending technology with the support of scientists at the University of Toronto, who are world leaders in glycemic research and testing.
SoLo bars contain a proprietary blend of food ingredients from different food groups providing slow-release carbohydrates, protein, dietary fat and fiber that impart sustained energy and a feeling of satiety. Each bar provides an excellent source of protein (11-13 grams), a good source of fiber (3-4 grams), and an excellent source of calcium (20% of the daily recommended value) and as such, can be used for lasting energy during physical pursuits, as a meal replacement, or as a healthy snack throughout the day. SoLo has also been praised for the all-natural ingredient profile, while not containing sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, or artificial flavors and colors.
SoLo wins on taste by being the best tasting bar on the market. Independent taste testing resulted in SoLo beating the competition; where consumers preferred SoLo 88% of the time over PowerBar, and 72% of the time over Balance Bar.
SoLo was the recipient of the prestigious Golden Egg Award for �The Most Innovative New Product�?in the U.S. Nutrition Industry.
As a vertically integrated company, Solo GI Nutrition Inc. intends to become the world leader in the development and marketing of great tasting low glycemic products across a broad range of popular food categories to enhance and support athletes and active individuals in achieving success in physical pursuits. Solo�s solid R&D backing and clinical validation, plus superior taste and consumer acceptance, will help maintain its stature as a category leader in fitness-oriented food products, delivering "Foods of Tomorrow, Today™".
Solo GI Nutrition Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of New Era Nutrition, Inc. (New Era), a leader in functional food research and development since its inception in 1989. New Era specializes in commercializing its proprietary and patent pending functional food ingredient, formulation and manufacturing technologies. The company has developed a deep product pipeline, with several blockbuster products ready for near-term commercialization.
New Era has a long history of excellence in the nutritional food industry, having developed successful products for such industry leaders as Balance Bar, Mannatech and Rexall Sundown.
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