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SoLo is my passion.
For more than a decade, as leader of New Era Nutrition Inc., SoLo's parent company, I have been involved in creating great tasting natural bars that support health and enhance performance, to drive athletes to the next level. SoLo represents the pinnacle of this work, combining all three of these important objectives.
We think about SoLo as a decade of scientific research covered in chocolate.

SoLo bars are not only great tasting, they offer consumers healthy and nutritious food choices, while educating about the benefits of low glycemic nutrition and sustained fuel delivery, allowing active individuals to get the nutrition edge.
Many bars on the market “disguising” themselves as fitness/energy bars have a less than desirable nutritional profile and blend of ingredients. All too often, they combine low-quality protein with high levels of inexpensive simple sugars and syrups (i.e. glucose syrup, high fructose corn sryup) and market the bar as a “fitness” bar. At SoLo, we strive to be different by using the highest quality ingredients - to deliver real and lasting energy, through wholesome and balanced low glycemic nutrition.
Our products contain premium natural ingredients delivering a good source of calcium, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. We do not use sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils or trans fats. SoLo’s unique design supports healthy living and can be used for lasting energy during physical pursuits, as a meal replacement, or as a healthy, energy filled snack throughout the day.
At SoLo, we are delighted that our award-winning taste is the choice of select NBA, MLB and NHL teams across the U.S., as well as many NCAA Athletic Departments and world class athletes in Track, Mountain Racing, Marathon, and other physically demanding pursuits. We hope you enjoy our bars and join the community of SoLo Powered Athletes.
Thank you for your interest in SoLo.
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