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“SoLo made the 2008 Kelowna Marathon a great success. The marathon is a quiet monster that can sneak up on you and impair your performance in the later stages if your nutrition is not taken care of. Gels and high sugar snacks on the race course are dangerous.
Marathon runners are efficient athletes and their bodies will react to a surge of sugar very quickly. In response to the sugar the body will release insulin to get the sugar into their muscles for energy but danger looms as the body eventually responds with too great a response of insulin and the body crashes.
Marathons are tough enough already, a nutritional mistake can cost you precious seconds and even minutes off your time. SoLo provides a slow release of sugar and carbohydrates that allows energy to be sustained until you hit the finishing tape. Winning the Kelowna Marathon was a great thrill. Thanks Solo, my energy would not of been the same without you.“
Brian Torrance, CAN, 2008 BMO Kelowna International Champion
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